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What is the strategy as a local furniture brand - Hanssem against IKEA


 Sometimes IKEA called Dinosaur of Furniture in the market because they provide so many production which are the cheapest but best quality. After announcement that IKEA would launch mega store in Korea, Investors thought that their competitors were overestimated in stock market and capitalization had been decreased dramatically.


 Now it has been three months after opening IKEA store in Kwangmyong Korea. (Link) I visited one of biggest Furniture store in Korea called Hanssem to see what is their strategy against the Dinosaur. (Actually it was not my intension, my wife want to have eye-shopping ;) )

 지난번 이케아 광명매장을 다녀왔습니다. (포스팅 클릭) TV를 보니 다른 메이져 가구 업체들이 망한다 만다 하던데, 한샘을 보면 오히려 주가가 상승한 흔적이 있습니다.

 왜 그런지, 어떤 전략이 있는지 궁금한데요. 와이프 아이쇼핑 겸 겸사겸사 한샘 매장을 다녀왔습니다. 대형 매장에 다양한 제품이 구비된 한샘 목동점 (이라고 쓰고 화곡점 이라고 읽는다)의 사진들입니다.

 It was late afternoon, I visited local brand shop - HANSSEM in Korea.

The store has six floors, visitors can use elevator up to top floor. And When I got there...

 It was pretty impressive. I don't know they are following recent trend but looks like family restaurant. I didn't expected it...

 They providing hand made Italian style pizza. The price is cool. Only ten bucks!

 Just take a look, they are kitchen sinks.

 Well displayed. Price is not that cheap, actually expensive. Almost two times than IKEA's,

 While step down to next floor, they displayed dishes, curtains and so on. Not for sale, but can get them B1 floor.

It is for children. Total solution is providing. Beds, Chairs Desks, Bookshelf.

And it was quite interesting, there was Try-zone with kids beds.

 The others. Sofas, Couchs, Tables. All stuffs are oversea. Of course, incredibly expensive. Sofa for four people, it is over 7,000 USD. (VAT included) Made by Oaks, Pines,.....

 Like IKEA does, there was showroom for Korean apartment in Hanssem store.


 Living room,


Dining room, all of them are Korean style.

Finally, you can buy small stuffs, they are called the place Kitchenware.

 It is not mega store compared to IKEA, however I though it was quite nice place. Specially I enjoyed the pizza. :)

 There market price is increasing continuously, even though IKEA launched. I am thinking it is exactly Win-Win situation for them. Customers are more focus on leading company who is giving them total solution in this area.

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